Price list

Incl. VAT, A-quality material and assembly:


Replacing tires:

Inner tube front wheel                                                                                        € 15,95

Inner tube rear wheel                                                                                         € 17,95

Front tire CST Trend puncture protection and reflection including tube             € 32,50 

Rear tire CST Trend puncture protection and reflection including tube              € 37,50


Starting prices for tires vary depending on various brands and/or types of tires.

These are high quality brand tires with anti-puncture layer and reflection.

Additional charge of € 5.00 to the wheel with the electric drive.


Cables Replacing and adjusting:

brake cable inside                                                                                               € 12,95

Brake cable inside and black outer casing                                                          € 15,95

Brake cable inside and silver outer casing                                                          € 15.95

Shift cable inside hub gears                                                                                € 15,00

Shift cable inside and black outer casing hub gear                                             € 17,95

Shift cable inside and silver outer casing hub gear                                             € 17,95

Shift cable inner derailleur gear                                                                           € 15.00

Shift cable inside and black outer casing derailleur                                             € 17.50 

Shift cable inside and silver outer casing derailleur                                             € 17,95


Replace chain, adjustment and tensioning:

Stainless steel chain KMC 1speed (coaster brake or hub gear)                         € 27,50

Shimano chain or Sun Race 6, 7 and 8 speed (derailleur gear)                          € 27,50

Shimano chain or Sun Race 9 speed (derailleur gear)                                        € 35.00

Shimano chain or Sun Race 10 Speed ??(derailleur gear)                                  € 45.00


Brake pads replacing and adjusting:

Brake pad Tektro in need of rim brake                                                                € 12,95

Brake lever                                                                                                          € 15.95



Full visual inspection of the complete bike: checking bolts, nuts, bearings and nipple,

lubricating cables and chain,adjusting brakes, gears and chain.                       € 27,95 


Lock replacement:

Ring lock Abus or AXA                                                                                       € 27.50

If you lose your bike key there is a € 5.00 surcharge for grinding ofyour old lock.

ID must be shown at all times.


Above is the price list of the most common repairs.These prices are VAT included,

A-quality materials and assembly.

Please contact me for other repairs or service requests.

To give you a general dea how much labor is calculated for a given repair,

I refer to the time chart of the Bovag. My hourly rate is € 49.95